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James Brown We’re All Going to Graceland

 So it begins A couple of the principal combants appeared on the Larry King show last night.  James Brown’s wife/partner, Tomi Rae and a lawyer representing other Brown family remained in separate corners. Ms Brown went on first and the lawyer followed. Both commented they didn’t want to disparge anyone then went on to do just that. Ms Brown […]

Saddam Had It Right

 Today the FBI published its inquiry of FBI personnel who worked at the U.S. Detention Center in Cuba. 26 employees told what they saw. Including detainees: Left in interrogation rooms for 24 hours or more, no food or water, chained in a fetal position, covered in urine and feces Intimidated by snarling German Shepherds Wrapped in […]

Lonely Guy Spitzer Swears In

  The New York Times’ coverage of newly elected governor Elliot Spitzer’s inagural began this way. “Albany Jan 1. New York state’s top fiscal officer pleaded guilty to defrauding the government and resigned, its Senate majority leader announced that he was being investigated by the F.B.I. and a state senator was charged with diverting state aid […]

81 Year Old In First Full Year of Life Sentence

  81 year old John Rigas is in his first full year of 15 year prison term. His actuary would call it a life sentence. But he does have reason to hope. If he serves at least 2 years and is expected to die within 3 months, he’ll be free. In 2005 the Adelphia CEO […]