Saddam Had It Right

detainees.jpg Today the FBI published its inquiry of FBI personnel who worked at the U.S. Detention Center in Cuba. 26 employees told what they saw. Including detainees:

  • Left in interrogation rooms for 24 hours or more, no food or water, chained in a fetal position, covered in urine and feces
  • Intimidated by snarling German Shepherds
  • Wrapped in an Israeli flag

More detailed reports of Saddam’s execution surfaced today. On the scaffold Hussain offers his prayers. Guards then shout “Muqtada! Muqtada! Muqtada!” a reference to the Shite leader whose father was reputedly murdered by Saddam’s government.

The scuttlebutt is Sunni’s within the government orchestrated the execution to incite the Sunni population to even more violence.  True or false, the suggestion reflects both paranoia and a myopic understanding of cause and effect.

In response to taunting by guards, Saddam smiled “Is this how you show your bravery?” A guard, shouted back, “Go to hell!” 

For many, it might be a short trip.


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