Lonely Guy Spitzer Swears In

spitzeri.jpg  The New York Times’ coverage of newly elected governor Elliot Spitzer’s inagural began this way.

“Albany Jan 1. New York state’s top fiscal officer pleaded guilty to defrauding the government and resigned, its Senate majority leader announced that he was being investigated by the F.B.I. and a state senator was charged with diverting state aid from a children’s charity to his own private cigar label.”

A state rep from Queens is accused of directing an aide to take his E-Z pass to Albany so that the Assemblyman would receive his per diem even though he was a no show. An Assemblywoman was reelected overwhelmingly even though last summer she was charged with bribery.

Such was the backdrop to the governor’s acceptance speech, giddy he proclaimed, “We choose pragmatism and ethics over partisan politics and dysfunction.”

Did Elloit’s “we” mean the politicians surrounding him? The majority of voters? The New York financial community which despises Spitzer for his zealous prosecution of firms who ripped off investors?

After the ceremony, a lobbyist spoke about the governor. Struggling with his unfamilar  notion good government he offerred this tortured metaphor, “He poured a very good foundation. Now the question becomes: Will he be able to match today’s excellent start with the governmental architecture and political pillars to sustain what he is trying to do.”

Was Jesus a masonry?



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